Weaponized Technology

Most IT organizations implement technologies but few of those organizations actually package technology for maximum, targeted use. Weaponizing technology is about developing a technology, packaging that technology and targeting it for maximum effect to the solution of a business problem.

Technology is most effective when it is targeted. Simply providing the business with an erector set of technology parts is not sufficient. An omission of most IT Departments is the inclusion of the marketing and sales activities that surround the delivery of technology in an effective manner. That is, understanding the corporate marketplace, understanding the corporate customer and packaging the delivered technology to match those needs makes technology significantly more effective in its application.

This concept of weaponizing technology is applicable to any IT shop charged with the responsibility of supplying technology that strategically aligns with the goals of the business. This approach of integrating marketing and sales into the delivery of technology addresses the traditional efficacy of technology.

IT organizations do a lot of R&D and Engineering but they do very little Marketing and Sales. Marketing is defined as determining the needs of your customers and subsequently packaging the solutions to appropriately fit those needs. And Sales is defined as appropriately explaining the use of that product to your customers and making sure the product is put to the appropriate use. Sales also includes training and after sales support.

Tyrone R. Smith Ph.D.